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Hi, I'm Tony, a photographer with a focus on commercial, real estate, automotive and 360° photography, as well as virtual tour creation.

"Capturing spaces, creating dreams. Professional real estate, automotive, and 360° photographer, delivering exceptional work with reliability and punctuality."

My Story

My journey as a photographer began in 2007 when I started as an automotive photographer. After working for two prominent companies, I decided to venture out on my own, offering a superior product and customer service experience. My dedication to my craft and strong work ethic quickly earned me a reputation for delivering exceptional images and unparalleled customer service.


In 2018, I expanded my skillset to include 360° photography and virtual tour creation, catering to the real estate and automotive markets. My expertise and passion for creating stunning images of properties and automobiles soon led me to begin offering videography services for these industries as well. 

In addition to my own business, I have been working with two national media firms, capturing still photos and 360° images across Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. I pride myself on being prompt, courteous, and dedicated to delivering high-quality results in a timely manner.


I am passionate about my work and thrive on creating a wonderful customer experience. Clients appreciate my friendly demeanor and my willingness to work with them to find the best solutions to their photography needs. As a photographer, I always strive to improve my skills, ensuring that I am able to provide the best possible product for my clients.


Whether it's capturing the beauty of an automobile or showcasing the unique features of a property, I am committed to delivering the perfect images and virtual tours for my clients. So if you're in need of a photographer who can provide exceptional results and unparalleled customer service, look no further!

Contact me today to set up a "meet and greet" and discuss your needs and how I can serve you and your business. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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